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Australian Made Lintels

Think local, buy local.

Endorsing locally manufactured products has its own significance. We grow as a community and, in turn, enhance our country’s economy. At Galintel, we take pride in promoting Australian-made products that comply with the NCC and Australian Standards.

At Galintel, most of our products are manufactured locally in Australia. This includes our newest R4 lintels range, Standard T-Bars, Generation III Rendabars and Solid Base Angles, as well as other major product categories like the popular Mono-Stringer range.

Aussie Made With Pride

At Galintel, our team has been proudly producing quality lintels in Coffs Harbour since the 1980s. All our products have been designed, developed, and manufactured to meet our local construction needs, environments, and applications, and comply with all NCC and Australian Standards requirements.

In our Coffs Harbour Regional NSW factory, we roll form, cut, weld, and hot-dip galvanise our Lintels and T-Bars. Our lintels are made from BlueScope steel produced in Port Kembla. Using Australian-made steel and manufacturing locally results in products with the highest standards, allowing us to give a 25-year warranty to all our products.

Manufacturing our products in Australia for Australian conditions is not only great to ensure quality products that meet local standards, but it’s also a good way to support our local economy and communities.

Australian-made products creates employment opportunities in and for the local communities. Keeping jobs in Australia is something Galintel is proud to achieve and maintain.

When you buy from Galintel, you are supporting the local communities in regional Australia and across the country in Victoria, NSW, and Queensland.

Superior Quality, High Durability

There’s a reason why Galintel’s steel lintels stand apart. Our quality, durability, and cost efficiency are superior to other offerings on the market. It’s easy to identify our products as they are stamped, labelled, barcoded, and boast the AMAO logo.

Australian manufactured goods also mean we have control and traceability of the raw materials utilised in manufacturing and are able to employ quality control measures through end-to-end inhouse manufacturing; from roll forming steel coils to galvanising.

The Solid Base Angles are 40% lighter than conventional steel lintels. Our T-Bars are completely machine welded and are manufactured using Australian BlueScope steel. The Rendabar Gen III’s unique design supports brickwork over openings where a rendered finish is required. 

All of these lintels achieve an R3 durability rating and ensure structural integrity is never compromised. Our new R4 lintel range goes a step further and is tailor-made for marine exposure. It resists corrosion and complies with all the Australian Standards.

Be Australian, Buy Australian

Galintel has been serving builders and the construction industry in Australia with premium quality hot-dip galvanized steel building products for more than four decades. During that time, we have constantly monitored changes to Australian Standards and building practices, enabling us to offer customised solutions that are unique to Australian requirements.

By opting for Australian-made goods, we ensure that local businesses experience a boom. It triggers a chain reaction. Locals flourish, the economy improves, and revenues increase. Overall, it fosters a sense of pride for being an Australian and buying Australian-owned and built goods.

Australian Made Lintels

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