Important information for builders: How to choose the best steel retaining wall posts for your next project

Steel Retaining Wall Posts

Building a strong retaining wall starts with reliable structural support, and selecting the right retaining wall posts is crucial. Retaining Wall Posts are the locking mechanism that keeps your retaining wall safely in place—so, the importance of having durable, well-designed retaining wall posts cannot be overstated.

At Galintel, we pride ourselves on creating robust steel wall retaining posts, which deliver structural integrity and longevity for any retaining wall project.

Our posts are available in a range of designs, including H and C Sections, 90° and 45° corner posts, and are suitable for a range of landscaping residential and commercial structural applications.

The benefits from choosing a quality steel retaining wall posts should not be overlooked, as it is a vital element for longevity of the structural integrity of the retaining wall.

Retaining wall posts

Create stronger, longer lasting structures

Galintel steel retaining wall posts are made from heavy-duty steel which is then fully hot-dip galvanised to AS/NZS 4680:2006, with our designs supported by technical ratings for a range of structural applications.This process ensures they deliver superior performance when compared to other common post materials. They are extremely durable, too, and can stand up to even the harshest of Australian weather conditions.

Low maintenance

Unlike other retaining wall posts, Galintel steel doesn’t warp over time. It’s termite-resistant, meaning you can install your steel posts and then ensure they will last for the lifetime of the retaining wall when installed correctly. There is minimal maintenance and no ongoing upkeep or treatment required on the part of the homeowner when properly used, making for maintenance free living.

Save time

Our steel retaining wall posts are made for efficient installation, so projects can be completed sooner. Their simple design makes them easy to assemble and install, and all posts come pre-drilled for fence bracket connection, which can be supplied complete with fixings. A complete installation guide is available so that experts and DIYers alike can install correctly the first time, every time.


Galintel® is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of high quality steel lintel bars

Retaining Wall Posts

The Galintel Retaining Wall Post system provides an “all-in-one solution”

Versatile in application

Retaining walls can differ in design but fundamentally perform the same function. This means that in practice, each one can be different. The Galintel design is a complete all-in-one retaining post solution. Our steel retaining wall posts accommodate timber, concrete, and masonry sleepers for residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Available in 100mm & 150mm series, and with an extensive range of stock lengths available, they’re designed to be used across a wide range of projects. The 100mm series has an internal measurement of 83mm, so perfect for most typical 75mm sleepers. The 150mm series is a much deeper post with an internal measurement of 100mm, suitable for larger, more heavy-duty applications.

Retaining wall posts

Get peace of mind your structures are secure

Galintel has been the trusted name in hot-dip galvanised steel building products for over 40 years.Known for manufacturing Australia’s leading brand of steel lintels, Galintel applies the same expertise to its range of Retaining wall posts with all products manufactured in compliance with Galintel's high quality product standards, trusted by the trade.Our commitment to quality and compliance is more than just a statement, we’re here to help you build with confidence and have peace of mind that you’re using materials and products that will deliver safer, longer-lasting performance.

Create better retaining walls

Supported by decades of industry experience, our team of professionals can assist to with product information and advice to help you create structures that are made to stand the test of time. Contact our team to discuss our range of steel retaining wall posts. 

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