Mono Stringers: Rising to the Challenge

stair mono stringers
Mono Stringer

Open-plan living is highly sought after by many new homeowners. Large, light-filled, open spaces that seamlessly spill into other areas of the home are ‘in’ and traditional box-style designs are ‘out’.

However, for multi-storey abodes, there’s the issue of how to incorporate a staircase into the design without it drowning the space, and still standing alone as an architectural element in its own right.

Let us introduce you to our state-of-the-art Mono Stringer: an aesthetic residential and commercial solution for internal or external stairs in today’s open-plan design.


Galintel®’s Mono Stringer (aka single stringer stairs) is the perfect choice for homes where open plan living and minimalism is a must.

It comprises a single steel ‘beam’ beneath the stair treads and is favoured for its simple, modern design, which frees up a void for furniture and foot-traffic below.

But don’t be fooled by its unassuming design, the Mono Stringer is strong enough to provide safe access to the upper levels and loads of up to 3200kg. This means no ‘bouncing’ sensation or movement when you walk up the stairs (even when carrying a lot up there).

“They’re very heavy duty, and a great for open-plan homes that require minimal glass or wire handrails,” Galintel® Business Development Manager Pernell Briggs said.

“They’re also useful for homeowners that want access to the top storey but still want to utilise the space underneath the stairs to put plants, their shoes, skateboard, bikes, furniture, etc.”

The Mono Stringer can accommodate 2 to 17 treads and is fully engineered and Australian Building Code compliant and certified.

A cost-effective solution and manufactured to suit stair tread dimensions of 900mm to 1,200mm in width, 250mm to 300mm depth and 45mm to 75mm thickness.  (Tip: to comply with BCA, a tread depth of 50mm minimum is required). There’s also Floor-to-Landing (FL) and Landing-to-Landing (LL) options for multi-storey dwellings.


And here’s the best part! When you purchase a mono stringer for your build, they’re available in various coatings to suit the aesthetics of the home and the environment.

Finishes include:

  • Untreated steel (black)
  • Hot-dip galvanised (great for outdoor staircases to provide that added level of protection)
  • Hot-dip galvanised and then powder-coated in your colour of choice
  • Powder-coated in your colour of choice


All of Galintel®’s products are manufactured using high-quality steel. We also provide the option of hot-dip galvanising.

Benefits include a stronger product that is protected against corrosion, providing that peace of mind your product is built to last.

The Galintel® Mono Stringer is made to order, want to find out more.  Get in touch today.