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Galintel® lintels have been manufactured in Australia for over 30 years. An original Galintel® product offers many value-added benefits such as warranty, guaranteed product traceability, high quality hot dip galvanising, authentic load tables and technical data, which many alternative products simply cannot provide.

Your design engineer should determine the type, size and length of Galintel® for the brickwork openings by consulting the relevant technical data and safe load tables.

Hot-dip galvanising (HDG) is the most economical form of providing corrosion protection for steel, to prevent rust. Brickwork cracking caused by rust displacement is virtually eliminated by the corrosion protection of HDG. HDG also offers excellent impact and scratch resistance to cope with the rigours of transport and handling on a building site.

You may use a longer length of Galintel®, which will result in a longer end-bearing length. Where the end bearing length is restricted, you can cut the Galintel® to the required length. The cut end must be cleaned, primed and painted with a zinc-rich paint (minimum 95% zinc content). However, product warranty would not apply.

Yes. During installation, props must be positioned and not removed until the mortar is cured. This allows the composite beam to form correctly and ensures level alignment of the brickwork. Props should be no further apart than 1.2m.

The Building Code of Australia requires that not less than three courses of bricks must be used above a steel lintel to form an arching effect.

We don’t recommend that you perform welding on Galintel® products as welding destroys the protective zinc coating. If welding is required, consult your design engineer.

Consult with our team via 18020 LINTEL or should you have any queries.

Galintel® Galvanised Steel Lintels are suitable for use in these areas, but additional coatings may be required. AS2312 specifies the types of additional protective coating needed to maintain the required service life in highly corrosive environments

NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure guarantees that all Galintel® products are free from defects in material and workmanship. Galintel® Lintels have been appraised by the CSIRO, they comply with the requirements of the BCA and are designed and tested to meet the relevant sections of AS3700:2001 – Masonry structures. Galintel® Lintels meet the requirements of the R3 durability classification, as defined in AS/NZS2699.3:2002. Galintel® products have been recognised by the Australian Design Council with an Australian Design Award.

All Galintel® products in the Galintel® range are clearly labelled to show the name, size, length, unit weight, month/year of manufacture and durability classification. Our range also include unique Lintels which can be identified by their ribbed profile.

By ensuring that mortar is present at all contact surfaces between bricks and lintel and that the lintel is correctly propped during installation.

The Galintel range of hot-dip galvanised steel products including lintels, stair stringers, retaining wall posts and builders posts are available to purchase through our authorised resellers, hardware retailers, trade centres, building materials suppliers and distributors.

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