Galintel: Australian Made

May 23, 2024

Australian Made Lintels
Think local, buy local. Endorsing locally manufactured products has its own significance. We grow as a community and, in turn, enhance our country’s economy. At Galintel, we take pride in promoting Australian-made products that comply with the NCC and Australian Standards. At Galintel, most of our products are manufactured locally...

Introducing Galintel’s Latest Lintel: Rendabar Gen III

March 25, 2024

Rendabar Gen III Lintels
At Galintel, we believe that innovation is key to growth. So, we’re always looking at ways to improve our products and deliver a better result for our customers. We’re particularly proud to introduce our latest product design. Meet the Rendabar Generation III. A new and improved product, it’s the next...

Important information for builders: How to choose the best steel retaining wall posts for your next project

November 13, 2023

Steel Retaining Wall Posts
Building a strong retaining wall starts with reliable structural support, and selecting the right retaining wall posts is crucial. Retaining Wall Posts are the locking mechanism that keeps your retaining wall safely in place—so, the importance of having durable, well-designed retaining wall posts cannot be overstated. At Galintel, we pride...

Achieve an Architectural Finish with a Mono Stringer Staircase

November 13, 2023

Mono Stringer Staircase
You may be unfamiliar with the term ‘Mono Stringer’, but simply put, a Mono Stringer is a staircase that use a single beam to support the centre of the treads from beneath. Mono Stringer stairs are a contemporary architectural feature that you would have seen in many designer homes, businesses,...

Compliance & Quality Remain Our Top Priority

August 11, 2023

Steel Lintels
Steel lintels provide some of the most important structural load support in  our homes and buildings, protecting clear openings from the loads above them. It’s crucial that they’re designed to last. If your materials aren’t compliant with the necessary building standards, then your structures suffer—and it puts people’s homes and...