Dear Trading Partner – Update on COVID-19

March 24th, 2020

Dear Trading Partner,
These are certainly difficult times for all with the rapid spread of the Corona Virus, and its impact on society and the economy. I wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of steps we are taking, as an organisation, in dealing with the challenges that are presented. Of course, our most immediate concerns and responsibilities lie with our team’s welfare. We are following all the federal and state government guidelines regarding social distancing and self-isolation, as well as workplace hygiene and sanitisation recommendations in all our sites across Australia. It is a rapidly changing environment; and we are prepared to do what is necessary in order to contribute to bringing this under control.

For our customers, we have proved the value of our hybrid supply chain model during the recent disruption of international supply lines. Having both local manufacturing capability and selected importing, we have the flexibility to optimise sourcing and consequently have kept up uninterrupted availability of materials for your projects since this crisis first arose in China at the beginning of the year. With the spreading of the corona virus now within Australia, from a sales contact perspective we are looking to minimise in person meetings with your teams and will endeavour to handle most communications using the phone, messaging apps and conference calls. If we feel we do need to meet, then we will phone ahead to confirm your acceptance and up to date site protocols.

For our suppliers & service providers, we thank you for your ongoing support. Likewise, we would also ask you to minimise face to face meetings with our teams and avoid dropping by unannounced. Give us a call instead or we can also organise Skype if needed. Face to face meetings can still go ahead, at our sites, on the condition that our procedures are followed. If you do come into our offices, we will require you to complete a questionnaire on Covid-19 risks. Your NEPEAN contact person will provide you a copy to review before your planned meeting. The questionnaire is not applicable (at this stage) for deliveries/ pick-ups of materials and equipment. We will not be accepting visitors that have recently arrived from overseas or have flu-like symptoms. Due to site hygiene protocols, we ask you to sanitise your hands upon arrival, keep l.5m away from people and greetings will not involve handshakes, at this time.

Strange and unusual times I know, but in the end we all need to pull together. To work to keep the engine of commerce running and to provide incomes for our communities, but also to put the wellbeing of our staff and families first and foremost. Staying calm, respecting guidelines and looking out for each other are key.

With best regards
Tony Combe
Managing Director
NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure