Introducing Galintel’s Latest Lintel: Rendabar Gen III

At Galintel, we believe that innovation is key to growth. So, we’re always looking at ways to improve our products and deliver a better result for our customers.

We’re particularly proud to introduce our latest product design.

Meet the Rendabar Generation III. A new and improved product, it’s the next evolution in steel lintels that’s changing how we do things. Specifically designed and tested for use in residential builds with cement rendering, it helps to deliver a stronger, more durable lintel.

Let’s take a look at how Rendabar Gen III is changing the game.

Rendabar III - Steel Lintel

Innovative design and superior performance

The Rendabar Gen III’s innovative slotted design supports brickwork over openings where a rendered finish is required. The design references the trusted Galintel Solid Base Angle for reliable strength and ease of installation but updates it for better performance.

Compared to the previous Rendabar, the Gen III features a different array of slots in its design and it’s where they’re placed that makes the difference. We’ve introduced slightly offset slots on both the horizontal and vertical faces of the lintel, which creates an excellent mechanical key for the render, ensuring maximum adhesion on all faces. 

It’s easier to install, too. The ribs are identical in shape and position to our widely used Solid Base Angle, adding strength to the Rendabar Gen III while making installation uniform across the lintel range. Thanks to the engineered profile, it’s considerably lighter than conventional steel lintels. This also means they’re easier and safer to move around site.

Improved performance

The changes may look minor, but they make a big difference. The Rendabar Gen III features a unique ribbed design, with the slots now slightly offset.

It’s subtle, but laboratory tests have shown improved render adhesion for the new Gen III design.

With improved render adhesion comes enhanced durability, delivering a dependable long-term solution for cement-rendered architecture.

A completely compliant solution

We want our customers to have complete peace of mind when using our products. So, as with all Galintel products, you can be sure that Rendabar Gen III is manufactured and tested in accordance with Australian Standards.

Proudly made using high quality Australian BlueScope steel, and hot-dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS 4680:2006, it achieves the ‘R3’ durability classification as described in AS 2699.3:2020.

Manufactured in our Coffs Harbour, NSW facility, under NEPEAN Building and Infrastructure’s ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 accreditations, every Rendabar Gen III complies with the NCC when correctly installed.

You’ll know it’s an official Galintel product too, as every Rendabar Gen III features a permanent stamp of our brand, Australian Standard number, and durability classification on the face. This provides improved identification and traceability for the life of the lintel, and ensures you’re always getting a genuine, fully compliant, Galintel product.

Try the next generation in galvanised steel lintels

At Galintel, we aim to deliver quality, reliability, and innovation in every product we make, and we’re excited to see how Rendabar Gen III can support our customers in creating stronger, longer lasting builds.

Contact our team to learn more about Rendabar Gen III, and how you can start using it in your projects.