Achieve an Architectural Finish with a Mono Stringer Staircase

Mono Stringer Staircase

You may be unfamiliar with the term ‘Mono Stringer’, but simply put, a Mono Stringer is a staircase that use a single beam to support the centre of the treads from beneath. Mono Stringer stairs are a contemporary architectural feature that you would have seen in many designer homes, businesses, and modern buildings.

Minimal in design, it’s a concept that emphasises simplicity, clean lines, and delivers a visually striking appearance. It creates an open, inviting feeling, that can create an eye-catching stair option that elevates any space.

Architects and designers are increasingly incorporating these stairs into residential and commercial projects to deliver a contemporary and sophisticated look. You’ll find them in a range of different applications, from modern, minimalist homes, to commercial spaces or even art galleries, serving as striking architectural features that blend seamlessly with contemporary design principles.

Mono stringers don’t just look good

As well as being visually appealing, mono stringers are a space-saving option, too. The single stringer design means less space is needed for your staircase, when compared to conventional staircases, making them ideal for smaller, more compact spaces.

Their durability and versatility make them suitable for high-traffic areas. For example, when renovating older buildings, mono stringer stairs can easily be integrated into a more traditional structure, blending the old with the new.

Versatile in design, Mono Stringers, create a very distinct profile and suitability may vary depending on the specific design vision, budget, and space constraints of your project.

At Galintel, our Mono stringers are designed and made in Australia to create a clean, modern, elegant look, with an adaptability that suits various multi-level home or commercial designs.

Easy customisation

Mono stringers provide a customised solution for floor-to-landing and landing-to-landing stair applications, bringing to life any architectural design.

The mono stringer can cover any range between 50 cm and 3.3 m clearances, with anywhere from 2 to 17 steps, allowing them to be configured to meet a variety of height requirements and applications. With a smooth 35-degree incline angle, and a tread rise that can range between 168 mm to 185 mm, you can create a design that’s flexible enough for any type of project.

Made from high quality, heavy-duty steel, you can choose the end finish that’s most suitable for your environment. Mono stringers can be supplied uncoated, hot-dip galvanised, or can be powder-coated in a range of popular Dulux® colours to match the styling and aesthetic of the space within which you’re working.

Cleverly designed for efficient installation on site, each stringer comes with mounting brackets already in place, finished and ready for install.

Never used Galintel mono stringers before? We have a selection of installation guides that you can follow to ensure you get the job done right.

Mono Stringer

Superior strength

Galintel Mono Stringer

Galintel Mono stringers combine strength with style. Proof loaded up to 3200kg, Mono Stringers are compliant with Australia’s National Construction Code when properly installed.

For long lasting durability we recommend hot-dip galvanising for maximum corrosion resistance and strength, in conformance with AS/NZ 4680:2006.

It’s not just looks. Galintel mono stringers give architects, builders, and homeowners peace of mind that the stairs they’ve chosen are a stronger, safer design.

Choose Galintel mono stringers for your next contemporary project

Mono stringer staircases are more than just what’s on trend; they create a lasting architectural statement that blends strength, form, and function, in one easy to scope package.


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All Galintel mono stringers are made to order and can be easily scoped using our quotation guide on the last page of our brochure.

So get in touch with our team, and we can help create a truly stunning feature that compliments your unique space.

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