Galintel® Adjustable Builders Post

Adjustable Builders Post 2 Holes

This product simplifies the work and time spent on building sites for Carpenters and Brickies alike, and allows peace of mind for tradesman working on site, particularly where someone has propped a structure with a piece of timber for temporary purposes with no engineering rating or thought of safety concerns.

Usually, Alfresco, Portico or the like are held up permanently by a post or brick piers, in many cases a prop is set up so the Brickie can brick the pier, the carpenter would then return to sit the beam on to the solid brick pier, and set the levels to the required height. The Galintel® Adjustable Builders Post allows a carpenter to simply “set and forget”, by adjusting the post to the required height, drill the tek screws in and prop the post to set the exact height. The carpenter simply bolts the base to the concrete slab or footing and bolts to either timber or steel above. With no need to return to the job to reset levels, the Brickie simply bricks around the steel post and their ready for finishing off. The other main benefit is Galintel® Adjustable Builders Post is rated up to 5 tonne (dependent on height), which provides peace of mind and is safe. It’s amazing the number of stories we hear at Galintel® about tradesman’s concerns when working on roof frames above areas propped by a piece of timber being un-nerving. This Galintel® Adjustable Builders Post saves time and money and brings about peace of mind and a safer work environment!

Galintel’s Adjustable Builders Post is designed to take the stress out of getting steel posts at just the right height. Our post can be used to support either steel beams or timber beams across a huge range of applications. Our Adjustable Builders Post is perfect for supporting these beams over Alfresco, Porticos & Balcony areas prior to brick piers being laid, or simply to support structural steel prior to brickwork being laid. The posts are adjustable from 1800mm-3400mm and are fully hot dip galvanised to Australian Standards, and rated up to 5 tonne per post.

Select the type of top you require with the post and you are set to go. Galintel’s Adjustable Builders Post comes complete with all bolts and tek screws as shown in our literature, simply order your post with the required PFC, LVL or Beam top connector, it’s that easy.