Our Commitment To Manufacturing Quality Products To Australian Builders

Galintel has been serving builders and the construction industry in Australia with premium quality hot-dip galvanised steel building products for more than four decades. At Galintel, we take pride in our quality steel building products which have been designed in Australia and Solid Base Angle and T-Bar manufactured locally from 100% Australian steel. Our Lintels are backed by a warranty of 25 years.

Our Premium Product Range

At Galintel, we proudly offer a variety of steel building products for residential and commercial projects.

1. Retaining Wall Posts

Galintel retaining wall posts are the ideal solutions for building retaining walls. Our retaining wall posts are heavy-duty, fully hot-dip galvanised, and are designed to suit various sleeper products, including concrete and timber.

They are available off the shelf in various lengths in two depth sizes, making it easy for builders to get the workflow going on without delays. For easy installation, they also come pre-drilled with specially designed fence brackets for fence bracket connection. They can also be painted for aesthetic appeal.


  • Easy installation
  • Extensive range of stock lengths
  • Available in H and C Section Posts 100mm and 150mm Series
  • Fence brackets available for timber, steel and steel off-set, with fixings

2. Lintels

Galintel is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality lintels in Australia. Lintels are structures used to support a span over openings like windows, doors, and garages. At Galintel, we have a range of steel lintels, ranging from Solid Base Angle, Traditional T-bar, J-Bar, Cavi-T-Bars, Steel Angle and Flat Bars.

All our lintels are hot-dip galvanised and come with R3 durability, guaranteeing superior performance, durability and life.


  • Range of steel lintels
  • Easy installation
  • Convenient off the shelf solution
  • Available in various standard lengths
  • Solid Base Angle and Traditional T-Bar locally manufactured to ensure quick supply

3. Adjustable Builders Posts

Adjustable builders’ posts are a flexible solution which can be mounted temporarily for propping, or a permanent steel structure used to support timber framing over alfresco, porticos or balconies during frame installation (before brickwork). It makes the carpenter’s work so much easier as they can simply set the post by adjusting the height, screw in and it’s done.

Galintel adjustable builders’ posts are fully hot-dip galvanised and with the loading capacity of 54kN downward loading making them ideal for these structural applications. Our posts can be adjusted from 1800 mm to 3200 mm. You can also choose your desired top connector between PFC, LVL, Beam and Corner top connector.


  • Available off the shelf
  • Easy installation and fast length adjustment
  • Fixing kit supplied with each adjustable builder’s post

4. Stair Stringer Collection

Galintel offers high-quality steel stair stringers, both mono stringers and dual stringers, that have superior strength and durability to withstand heavy weight loads. Our stylish stringers are designed brilliantly to enable easy installation on site. We provide custom Mono Stringer stair solutions with different finishes, such as powder-coating you simply choose the colour.


  • Easy installation
  • Dual Stringers supplied with tread mounting brackets pre-welded (fixings not included)
  • Fully hot-dip galvanised for superior durability
  • Additional accessories including the Dual Stringer Stair Tread is readily available

Check out the Galintel complete product range here. For more information, contact us.