Clever Steel Solutions from Galintel

Solid Base Angle
Selecting a prefabricated steel support solution can often help save time and money on projects. Additionally, with strain on some building supplies at the moment, specifying or building with an off-the-shelf solution from stock and reduce supply chain risk so that projects can continue without the impact of supply shortages. Like the entire range of Galintel Steel Lintels, the specialist range of prefabricated solutions are robust and hot-dip galvanised. The prefabricated J-Bar and Cavi-T-Bar are ideal for brick construction and can help reduce or eliminate timberwork which is sometimes used as an infill above a window, doorway, and garage openings. 


Designed for cavity walls, it excels in brick veneer applications. The Cavi-T-Bar is an economical substitute for a range of steel sections that would otherwise be specially fabricated. The unique ‘bulb-bar’ on the upright section provides extra strength while helping to keep the weight down.       


This solution which is designed with a top flange to support an inner leaf of brickwork, although its versatility also allows for the support of timberwork if required. Performing at its best when used in solid brick construction, while also suiting a range of other wall configurations, the J-Bar is ready to go with pre-drilled holes in the top flange for fast timber fixing and a pre-drilled bottom flange for column connections. 

What Next?

 For steel embedded in masonry it’s very likely that the ‘R3’ durability classification will need to be achieved. For this, the galvanised coating thickness will also have to be compliant with AS 2699.3:2020, which covers the durability requirements for lintels and shelf angles. Galintel’s range of prefabricated solutions for load-bearing applications are compliant to AS/NZS 4680:2006 and meet the ‘R3’ coating thickness requirements of AS 2699.3:2020 – from Solid Base Angles, Traditional T-Bar, Cavi-T-Bar, J-Bar, Steel Angles and Flat Bar. We recommend discussing these products with your structural engineer to make sure they’re the right solutions for your project. To find a stockist visit our ‘Where to Buy Page‘.To become a reseller or learn more about our product offering, contact our team via our online form or calling 1800 LINTEL.