Galintel steel Stair Stringers – what you need to know!

stair stringers

Have you ever walked up a staircase and the stair treads & railing wobbled/vibrated as you walked up? No good!

Stairs should support an individual’s weight as well as the load they may be carrying. It’s a given really. But all too often, stair stringers are installed that are not stable or built using compliant materials.

Our Galintel Stair Stringers are tough, durable and built to last, and importantly compliant with the Australian Building Code, removing any safety risks and concerns you may have when choosing the right stair stringer for your build.

“Engineered to provide structurally sound accessibility with up to 5mm RHS thickness, our stair stringer design is solid under foot-traffic, producing minimum bounce,” Galintel Business Development Manager Pernell Briggs said. “This, therefore, avoids that feeling of unstableness you may encounter with staircases. It’s a fully engineered design that has been tried and tested.”


Our stair stringers are also an attractive solution for architects and builders as they are highly versatile and can be configured for 1 to 17 treads.

“They’re a universal stair stringer design, which means you can put any kind of step on it – timber, steel, aluminium – you name it,” Mr Briggs said.

“We’ve been manufacturing them for a long time. They’re sold in convenient pairs with tread mounting brackets welded in place, and are generally used for residential purposes or light industrial use. For example, warehouses, factories or spaces with a mezzanine level.”

Like all of Galintel’s products, our Stair Stringers are fully engineered and backed by the technical information and support to make your job that bit easier, and of course, save you time and money in the process.

They’re also convenient, easy to transport and install, and are available off-the-shelf ready to be delivered to your site within days from our extensive distribution network.

In addition, we can supply hot-dip galvanised Stair Treads, Tread Mount Brackets and Bolt Down Brackets on request (fixings not included), meaning all the essential steel pieces you need are available from one location.


When you purchase our Stair Stringers, you can rest assured that they are fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia and other relevant regulations.

“We use products that we know are suitable for the Building Code and end-use. Strong high-quality steel,” Mr Briggs said.

“The stringers are hot-dip galvanised to AS/NZS4680 and fully labelled so you know the origin, the weight of the product, and what codes they’re compliant to.”


Here’s a rundown of the technical specifications:

  • Supplied in pairs with tread mounting brackets welded in place, ready for installation
  • Available off-the-shelf in 1 to 17 treads
  • Standard 175mm rise and 250mm going at an angle of 35 degrees
  • Designed to take a maximum tread width of 1000mm
  • In order to comply with BCA a tread depth of 50mm minimum is required
  • Optional accessories are available including Brackets and Steel Stair Treads
  • Labelled and Bar Coded to give you peace of mind.

If you’re interested in finding out more. Get in touch with our team.