Don’t Wait to Fabricate with Galintel® J-Bar

J Bar

Builders, you’re faced with a decision: steel fabrication (which can take up to a month) or ordering an off-the-shelf product that is ready any day of the week.

Which one are you going to choose? If you’ve chosen the latter. A quick pat on the back to you! Convenience is key when picking the right materials for your build.

It’s important to look around to find a product that is not only competitive from a price perspective but can be delivered to your site in a timely fashion without the risk of manufacturing delays and disruptions.

At Galintel, we’ve recently developed the J-Bar – a unique Australian designed shelf beam that has been designed as an economical substitute for heavy, structural fabrication sections in residential builds, such as parallel flange channels and plates.

“There’s nothing else like this on the market that’s available off-the-shelf,” Galintel Business Development Manager Pernell Briggs said.

“If you’re wanting to fabricate structural steel, this typically can take a month. However, if you choose to go with our J-Bar, it can take just a week to arrive at your door.

“This removes unnecessary phone calls, emails etc, that need to happen to get one product fabricated, galvanised and shipped. We streamline the entire process.”


The J-Bar comes hot-dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS4680, has an R3 durability rating that meets AS/NZS2699.3, and is available in standard lengths, so there’s no need to hold up your project.

The unique design of J-Bar involves a process of fully welding an inverted angle to a bottom plate thus creating an “off the shelf” substitute for a built-up section ready to go.

Sizes available:
260/90mm(v) x 200/10mm(p)

Length range:
4200mm to 6300mm

Sizes available:
310/90mmmm(v) x 200/10mm(p)

Length range:
5100mm to 6300mm

(NB – lengths are available within our standard-length range in 300mm increments).

The J-Bar is also very versatile, typically used for cavity walls in either single brick veneer, double brick, or for large openings, including open plan homes, and the support for upper stories.

“Another great thing about our J-Bar is its pre-drilled design with holes in the Top Flange and Base Plate that make it easier for timber fixing and column connection. This saves time you would have spent drilling holes,” Mr Briggs said.

The J-Bar is also up to 20% lighter than built-up steel sections of equivalent load capacity, making it not only easier to order, but easier to transport and lift. Win-win!


Convenience is one thing. Quality is another, and at Galintel, we take great pride that all our products have been independently tested.

The J-Bar is fully-engineered, load tested, and has been given the green tick of approval from the University of Sydney.

Builders can also take comfort knowing the J-Bar is Australian designed and compliant with relevant Australian Building Codes and Australian Standards, and is clearly labelled and bar coded.


Our J-Bar‘s are available from leading hardware stores, and specialist lintel suppliers around Australia.

When you purchase our J-Bar, you’ll also get access to a full 25-year warranty, and safe load tables with all the data you and your engineering team need for design and installation.

Want to find out more? Download our product brochure or contact our team.