Why You Should be Using Australian-Made Steel Lintels

Genuine Galintel lintels
Genuine Galintel® Lintels


It can take just one thing to go wrong – public transport disruptions for workers, shipping or manufacturing delays, shortage of raw materials, geopolitical pressures, or public health issues – and you’re left wishing you chose a local, Australian-manufactured product instead.

Just look at the recent coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. Manufacturing shutdowns across the nation have hit supply chains, causing costly delays in operations and products arriving on Australian shores.

“A lot of Australian businesses rely on imports, and many of these businesses have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak in some way or another,” Galintel Business Development Manager Pernell Briggs said.

“I’ve been talking to hardware stores in recent weeks who have voiced concerns about whether the products they’ve ordered from overseas will arrive in time as they’re coming from Asia.

“The good news for us is our lintels are produced in Australia. We use steel from Australian mines and local manufacturing, and have all the capabilities here to distribute our products anywhere at any time.”

In fact, Galintel® is the only local Australian manufacturer and hot-dip galvanizer of Solid Base Lintels and T-Bars. We have on-the-ground expertise and personnel, and off-the-shelf products ready to go when you are.

All it takes is one phone call to us (or one of our resellers) and you’ll save all the hurdles of having to order a product, organise shipping, manufacturing, galvanising etc. before its delivered to the job site.

We streamline the whole process to make things easier for our building clients, and a much faster turnaround time from order to delivery with products already manufactured, hot-dip galvanised, and packaged up ready to be sent when your order is made.


By choosing a local, Australian-manufactured product, you’re also eliminating any risks associated with compliance and quality control.

For instance, when you buy our local Australian-made Galintel® steel products, you can be confident knowing these products are compliant to the Australian Building Code, are made using high-quality steel of a particular grade, and are durable enough for Australia’s harsh climate.


    • Our products are hot-dip galvanised with a heavy zinc coating of 600g/m2 in accordance with the Australian standard AS/NZS4680, AS/NZS1170.1 (for loads), and an R3 durability rating that meets the standard AS/NZS2699.3.
    • Galintel® steel lintels comply with the requirements of the Building Code Australia (BCA) and are designed and tested to meet the relevant sections of AS3700:2001 – Masonry structures.
    • Galintel® products have been recognised by the Australian Design Council with an Australian Design Award.
    • A label on each product also confirms compliance with the Australian standards for lintels. Having this sticker gives all builders peace of mind that what they’re using is certified.
    • Galintel’s products also go through rigorous university testing in Australian universities and are backed by extended warranties of up to 25 years.


As many businesses turn to overseas manufacturers in an effort to “cut costs”, Galintel’s focus is to remain competitive in pricing, while continuing our more than 40-year tradition of producing quality, Australian-made products and supporting local jobs.

Our manufacturing facility in Coffs Harbour is ISO 9001:2008 (QEC1976) compliant and our Galintel® Rolling Mill at Yagoona supports our downstream manufacturing activities by transforming coil steel into multi-rib sections.

Steel is also sourced locally from Australian steel mills operated by BlueScope, SIMEC OneSteel who make their steel from Australian iron ore.

“We’re all about supporting Australia’s local mining and manufacturing industries, and local builders,” Mr Briggs said.

“There are many benefits of choosing a local supplier. Local jobs and supporting the economy is one close to our heart.”