Four Reasons To Choose Stair Stringers from Galintel

stair stringers
Dual Stringer
Fabricated steel stair stringers are strong, durable, and more economical in the long run than stair stringers made from other types of materials. Steel also offers a contemporary look which can be customised with ease. So, if you require a stair access solution for your home or commercial project, here are four reasons to choose Galintel stair stringers.

1. Structurally Sound

Galintel stair stringers are structurally sound and made with premium quality steel. They provide uncompromised support to the risers and treads for reliably strong and sturdy support for the weight of the staircase and users. They are engineered to provide maximum comfort and solid underfoot support and accessibility for the user, with an attention to detail for easy fixing, installation, and tread attachments.Our range of steel stringers provide adequate stiffness that actively limits deflection due to loads, thus preventing damage to other components of the stairs and keeping them sound. Steel does not shrink or contract like other substrates which means many years of comfort walking up and down the stairs without creaking noises.

2. Fully Compliant

At Galintel, our expert team of engineers and designers work tirelessly to ensure all our products are safe, reliable, and compliant when installed correctly.Throughout our development and manufacturing we maintain systems for quality, safety, and the environment and this extends to the sourcing of our materials through to quality assurance in our finished goods.  Support guides for the correct selection and installation of stair stringers are available, with dual stringers easily identifiable at retail or custom made to order for mono stringer.

3. Easy Installation

One of the best features of our steel stair stringers is the ease and speed of installation. Their clever design makes it quicker to get stairs in place, reducing labour costs on site.  Our dual stair stringers can be installed in either bolt down or cast in with an easy to follow installation guide that helps to get the job done efficiently. For additional convenience, both mono stringers and dual stringers come with tread mounting brackets in place.

4. Proudly Australian

Our products are designed and developed by our local team, specific to Australian conditions. As a proudly Australian company we make sure our products meet highest standards in quality and safety standards. With warehouses servicing all major cities we’ve got stock available for our retailers of dual stringers to ensure you can get a premium quality product on time to keep projects moving. Additionally, our Mono Stringer is custom made to order and manufactured in Australia from 2-17 treads with a choice of finish hot-dip galvanised and/or powdercoated When it comes to advice, support or after sales service, as a local business we are always accessible, providing the best customer support to get you on the right path for ease of locating a retailer and ordering stair stringers.Need high-quality steel stair stringers? Contact our team at Galintel today.