The Benefits Of Using Steel Retaining Wall Posts

Retaining wall posts
Retaining walls are a great way to add beauty and definition to a property. Properly built retaining walls with solid and durable material, like a steel retaining wall post, can efficiently withstand constant pressures and keep the area functional. There are many benefits to choosing steel retaining wall posts including the durability, aesthetics, and design options.

1. Strong Structural Support

Retaining walls should be built with solid, durable, and effective fit-for-purpose materials. Not all retaining wall posts are equal in strength or durability. Steel posts are structurally strong, which keeps retaining walls upright and in position and resilient to the pressure they experience.  A retaining wall system using heavy duty steel posts acts as a durable structural barrier that prevents the ground materials from sliding to remain straight and strong.Galintel heavy duty retaining wall posts are made from a thick gauge steel, beyond the common lightweight options in the market. When installed correctly they comply with the relevant Australian standards to provide strong structural support, compatible with concrete and timber sleepers.  Galintel retaining wall posts can connect to timber or metal fences using a range of brackets making them easy to connect and design with.

2. Great Aesthetic Appeal

Galintel Steel retaining wall posts provide a consistent and contemporary look that is ultra-low maintenance.  The hot-dip galvanised finish of Galintel retaining wall posts provide lasting protection but if the silvery finish doesn’t blend with the desired aesthetic   they can be painted over providing to visual impact whilst retaining the benefits of the galvanised coating.   The options are endless

3. Design Options

Steel posts are not only customisable visually, but functionally. Galintel retaining wall posts come in various shapes which allow for fully configured landscaping designs. Post styles include H-Section Joiner Post, C-Section End Post, 90° and 45° Corner Posts suiting a range of various requirements. They are readily available in different standard lengths in 100mm Series and the H-Post and C Section is available in 150 Series with other lengths available on request making it easier for you to choose as per your requirements.

4. Sustainability

Steel has a long design life and when a steel product reaches the end of its life, it is continually recyclable with no degradation in performance. Hence, they make an ideal sustainable choice for building retaining walls that will last. Galintel retaining wall posts are hot-dip galvanised to provide long-term resistance to corrosion.  Steel also provides inherent fire-resisting properties, termite resistant, does not warp in wet conditions like timber making it the most suitable choice  for retaining wall structures.

5. Reliable Protection

As mentioned, Galintel steel retaining wall posts are hot-dip galvanised to provide maximum protection from corrosion – such as rust from damp environments which can be expected in gardens and boundary lines! For an aesthetic element to coordinate your outdoor area you can easily paint, or powder coated the retaining wall posts. When it comes to Galintel retaining wall steel posts, they offer reliable protection throughout the years. For your convenience, all our retaining wall posts come pre-drilled for easy fence bracket connection, eliminating the need to drill through or weld over the protective coating. Prior to commencing installation of a retaining wall check with local authorities.For more information on steel retaining wall posts, check out our steel retaining wall posts page. For enquires on our steel retaining wall posts, contact us.