Mono Stringers Versus Dual Stringers

mono stringers

If you’ve been researching to upgrade your staircase, you might have encountered the term ‘stringers’ several times. Builders are using stringers to build a floating staircase to replace conventional staircases. Modern household designs are increasingly adopting a minimalist style. Most designers are shunning the traditional box staircases that take up more space.

Mono and dual stringers are two stringers that will be discussed below.

What are Mono Stringers?


Mono stingers use a single beam to support the centre of the treads from beneath. It is mounted at the bottom of the staircase and can be either one run from floor to landing or landing to landing.

Mono stringers are a perfect custom solution for contemporary styling creating a sophisticated light filled feature.

Mono Stringer Stairs
Stair Stringers

What are Dual Stringers?


The dual stringers are a step up from the conventional box steps style staircases.

Contrary to the mono stringer, a dual stringer places two stringers in the stairs’ centre or on the sides.

This versatility makes it ideal for working with any compliant tread, especially for outdoor stairs leading to a deck.

Differences between Mono Stringers and Dual Stringers

1. Features

Mono stringers

  • Mono stringers have a flexible design that can be configured for any project as it is customisable. Mono stringer can be installed as floor to landing or landing to landing, available at Galintel.
  • Galintel mono stringers are manufactured following the National Construction Code. The mono stringers are designed to suit stair treads with a width between 900mm to 1200mm. A tread thickness of 45-60mm is required depending on the Rise.
  • Fully customised, you can select from multiple finishes including powder coating.

Dual stringers

  • The Galintel dual stringers are designed for walking comfort in mind with an include angle of 35°. They are simple to configure and can be easily installed.
  • Dual stringers can take up to 1000mm tread width.
  • A perforated steel stair tread is available from Galintel which easily attaches to the dual stringer.
  • Hot-dip galvanised for maximum corrosion resistance.

2. Application

Mono stringers

  • Mono stringers provide more flexible designs as they can be finished as untreated steel, hot-dip galvanised and/or powder coated.
  • The Galintel range of Mono stringers range from 2 treads to 17 treads. This makes them suitable for multi-storey dwellings.

Galintel provides building code-compliant mono stringers with a range of design applications.  Get in touch with us to learn more.

Dual stringers

  • Dual stringers are easily configurable off the shelf in 1 to 17 threads covering up to 3150mm vertically. Designed with an incline angle of 35 degrees, with steps at a rise of 175mm and allowing a ‘going’ distance of 250mm.
  • These dual stringers are ideal for outdoor or indoor use with high foot traffic. If you need stringers for exterior use, dual stringers provide great support.

If you need extra support in stairs, get in touch with our team to know more about the Galintel dual stringers.

Choosing the right stringers

Selecting the right stringers depends on your needs. If you are using stringers in an industrial area, mezzanine space or deck, then the dual stringers provides a functional solution. Subsequently, mono stringers are ideal for new or renovated homes and offices, looking for a feature staircase.

Galintel offers both mono and dual stringers to fit your design requirements. Get in touch with our team to know more.