FAQs: Galintel’s Range Of Steel Building Materials

steel lintels


1. What are lintels?

Lintels are structural load bearing beams supporting brickwork above doors, windows, and large open spans like garages. Lintels are available in many types, shapes, and sizes, depending on your needs.

2. Why are lintels important?

Selecting the right type of lintel is important since it improves the energy efficiency and stability of the building. Steel lintels in particular will typically span over large lengths when installed in a home. Due to the high thermal conductivity of steel, this provides a substantial thermal bridge. Lintels provide support load from the brick structure placed above them preventing the structure from collapsing.

3. What are the different types of lintels?

There are different types of steel lintels available at Galintel, as highlighted below:

4. Can I weld on Galintel lintels?

No. Welding destroys the protective zinc coating, so we don’t recommend performing welding on our steel lintel products. However, if you must weld for some reason, then consult your design engineer.

5. Can I cut a lintel to size?

Where the end bearing length is restricted, you can cut the lintel to the required length. The cut must be cleaned, primed and painted with two coats of zinc rich paint (minimum 95% zinc content). We recommend you consult with a paint specialist prior to cutting the lintel.

6. What are Traditional T-Bars?

Traditional T-Bars are fully machine-welded lintels that support brickwork above large openings. The Australian-made Traditional T-Bar achieved an R3 Durability Rating under AS/NZS 2699.3

7. What are Cavi-T-Bars?

The Cavi-T-Bar is an ideal off the shelf lintel used in double brick or brick veneer with timber trusses. They have a special top flange installed into the upright section providing a readymade solution for cavity walls.

Adjustable Builder’s Posts

1. What are adjustable builder posts?

With the help of adjustable builder’s posts, installers can connect the base and supporting beam with tek screws. They help the builder adjust the post to its desired height and maintain the beam’s support.

2. Why are the Adjustable Builder’s Posts important?

Adjustable builder’s posts solve the challenge of quickly supporting structures. They make it easier for builders to bolt the screws at their desired heights accurately. Adjustable builder posts not only cut the hassle of using timber posts during frame installation and increase longevity being Hot-dip galvanised for pergolas or used as temporary props for lintel installation.

3. What is special about the Galintel Adjustable Post?

The Galintel Adjustable Posts are versatile, lightweight, economical, and easy to install. It helps to provide peace of mind to the builder so they can focus on other important tasks. The Galintel Adjustable Builder’s Post comes with a post and four top connectors. It is available off the shelf and rated to support up to 5.5 tonnes, making it a builder’s best friend.Click here to find out if the Galintel Adjustable Post is a good fit for you.

Retaining Wall Posts

1. What are retaining wall posts?

Retaining wall posts are a solid and secure structure. Preventing materials such as soil from moving downhill with erosion.

2. Why are retaining wall posts important?

Retaining wall posts help to prevent soil erosion from landscapes. With the help of retaining wall posts, landscape designers create aesthetically pleasing gardens. They can be used for boundary lines, stepped retaining walls for residential, commercial, and civil applications.

3. What is special about the Galintel Retaining Wall Post?

Being Hot-dip galvanised this increases the lifespan vs timber. They are predrilled for effortless fence brackets attachment.To learn more about the Galintel Retaining Wall Post, click here