The Advantages Of Steel Building Materials Over Timber

Building with steel materials
Steel building materials like lintels, T-bars, retaining wall posts, adjustable builder’s posts, dual stringers and mono stringers are undeniably the most important building products used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, and various infrastructures in Australia.Their functionality, robustness, flexibility, sustainability, affordability, and aesthetics are some of the main reasons why steel has become a highly sought-after building material over timber.

Steel Building Materials Vs Timber

Steel and timber have different properties; therefore, they function differently in terms of safety, robustness, and longevity as building materials. Here are some of the considerations for steel vs timber.


Since steel has higher strength and durable properties vs timber, structural steel has a longer life span and lasts for several decades with the least upkeep or maintenance. Hot-dip galvanised steel provides maximum protection making steel a highly durable material, whilst exposed timber needs to be stained or recoated with protective finishes every 6-12 months pending the environment.

Termite Resistance

Steel is completely resistant to termites. Steel does not warp, bend, or shrink/expand in extreme temperatures.

Moisture Resistance

Hot-dip galvanised steel is comparatively highly resistant to moisture than timber. Hot-dip galvanised steel is highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. Not to mention, steel is also non–porous, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, timber is highly porous and can expand or rot with moisture exposure.


Hot-dip galvanised steel building materials are 100% recyclable. Steel can be reprocessed and refined over and over again. The recyclability and recycling loop is endless as zinc can be recovered again and again without loss of physical or chemical properties.

Ease of Installation

Off the shelf hot-dip galvanised steel products are easy to transport and store— and can be easily installed.

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Undeniably, steel is a more practical and durable building material than timber. At Galintel, we manufacture premium-quality hot-dip galvanised steel products that meet the Australian Standards for the construction industry. Visit our website for more product information and where to buy.