The Cavity Wall Solution You Need in Your Next Build

steel t bar

Why wait weeks (or months) on end to get your steel lintels manufactured, hot-dip galvanised and delivered to site, when you can get an off-the-shelf product that’s ready to go when you are?

Many steel products on the market can be used for cavity walls in residential builds, but there isn’t one quite like our Cavi-T-Bar.

Since launching the product back in 2010, it’s been a huge hit with engineers, architects and builders alike, who see the benefits and value in a ready-made steel product that is strong, built to last, and fit-for-purpose, saving them time & money on fabrication.


The Cavi-T-Bar is a revolutionary product unique to us, that provides optimum support above all clear openings in cavity brickwork. It comes pre-made in standard lengths, making it an ideal solution for cavity walls – either brick veneer with timber trusses or a double brick build.

“The Cavi-T-Bar fits within the cavity brick wall. It’s predominately used for residential building construction in the support of bricks or blocks,” Galintel Business Development Manager Pernell Briggs said.

The product is a convenient replacement for built-up structural steel sections such as a parallel flange channel and plate, accelerating the building process as it’s available off-the-shelf from our extensive distribution network.

“It’s particularly favoured by builders in NSW, where cavity brickwork is a popular option in residential construction,” Mr Briggs said.


There are plenty of reasons to choose our Cavi-T-Bar. Here are some highlights:


Forget having to order structural steel and outsource hot-dip galvanising to a third-party. When you choose a Cavi-T-Bar you’re saving money because everything is included. “We manufacture and galvanise the product ourselves – so it’s cheaper to get it done by the same business, so you don’t have to get it done anywhere else,” Mr Briggs said. Our Cavi-T-Bar also ensures there are no costly delays to your project as the product is easy to access and comes ready to go in many standard lengths. Win-Win!


When you purchase our Cavi-T-Bars, we provide all the technical information you’ll need (whether you’re a builder or engineer). This includes load tables (how much weight the Cavi-T-Bar can support), section properties (to calculate the steel strength), CAD drawings, load table comparisons to standard steel and more. We provide a huge shortcut for engineers in the design stage.


As with all Galintel’s products, our Cavi-T-Bar is hot-dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS4680 and has a heavy zinc coating of 600g/m2 and R3 Durability Rating in accordance with AS/NZS2699.3. All engineers, architects, builders will take comfort knowing the product is the real deal and built to withstand corrosion (and the test of time). It’s also labelled and barcoded so it can easily be identified.


Cavi-T-Bar is designed and developed in Australia and independently tested at the University of Sydney. Through this rigorous testing, you can have peace of mind knowing it has passed all the tests to ensure its safe, long-lasting and of high-quality. This will ultimately lead to lower costs by avoiding lost time and disruption.


We’ve mentioned it before, the Cavi-T-Bar is unlike any other product on the market. Similar to a T-Bar but with a special top flange incorporated into the upright section strengthening the vertical leg, it’s built using premium steel, hot-dip galvanised to R3 durability standards, available in convenient to use lengths, easy to transport, & easy to store and handle. It also has a long life and is backed by a 25-year warranty. The product is up to 25% lighter than built-up steel sections of equivalent load capacity.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how the Cavi-T-Bar works or your nearest Cavi-T-Bar stockist, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.