The Importance of Compliance & Best Practice For Builders & Building Materials

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Choosing compliant building materials to provide future homeowners, investors, and renters is essential to all builds.Galintel produce Australian made and manufactured steel lintels designed to meet residential and commercial building requirements.

Steel Lintels & Compliance

Due to the essential nature of lintels, compliance is an absolute requisite for safety and longevity purposes. By using steel lintels from manufacturers that follow the compliance laws and safety requirements, your builder makes sure your home has the highest quality building materials that are built to last.There are many best practices and compliance requirements for building materials used in Australia, and lintels are no exception. Compliance is absolutely crucial, especially for structural building components like steel lintels, steel angles and steel T bars, to provide measurable building performance benefits for your home in the future.It ensures that the steel lintel your builder uses is of superior quality and remains reliable throughout the years.

Why Your Builder Should Choose Steel Lintels

Steel lintels are preferred over any other lintel material available in the market today. The main reason why builders prefer steel lintels is because of its load-bearing capabilities and strength.There’s no doubt that steel is durable, and it does provide longevity. However, not all steel lintels are equal and comply with Australian standards.Surprisingly these non-compliant steel lintels with no clear branding and labelling are used widely throughout Australia to date. Consequently, these are often the subjects of premature corrosion and rusting, leading to poor quality buildings.The cost of remediation hikes to the consumer down the track can range into several thousand dollars, often exceeding the initial cost of the build. This becomes a distressing situation for homeowners.

Australian Standards for Steel Lintels

In Australia, there are many standards that steel structures must comply with to guarantee their durability and performance.Galintel comply with key Australian standards in this space in relation to hot dip galvanising, labelling, and stamping testing to ensure galvanised coating thickness meets the Australian requirements.

Best Practice For Builders and Building Materials

In addition to using compliant steel lintels, builders are required to follow installation guidelines in small building construction. This will also require builders to correctly install in accordance with manufactures installation guidelines.It is essential that your builder utilise quality and compliant building materials, particularly when sourcing steel lintels, angles, and T-Bars for the construction of your new home. Look out for quality, compliant, and Australian made products such as those offered by Galintel when your builder is selecting materials for your new build. Contact us for more information on the steel lintels in our range to advise your builder of the high-quality Australian made products available. Our Galintel team can assist with product information for your project requirements.