Mono Stringers: Create A Focal Point in Your Home or Commercial Building

Mono Stringer External
Mono Stringers are absolute knockouts. They are sleek, elegant, and modern, making them the most sought-after stairs for contemporary spaces.Mono stringers are floating steel staircases or single stringer stairs, that come with a single steel beam beneath the stair treads. These metal stair stringers are heavy-duty stairs that look stunning and add value to your home or commercial building.

A Stunning Focal Point Throughout the Space

As we know, minimalistic design is leading today’s interior decoration trend. It means an open floor plan, functional furniture, a limited colour palette and lots of light. So, creating an accent without overwhelming the space and other design elements can be tricky, especially when it comes to staircase designs and solutions. However, steel stringers are an exception.Steel mono stringers become a legitimate focal point as they pull the minimalistic design aspect. They help create a breath-taking seamless space with their clean lines and sleek design. That’s why mono stringers are highly in demand. In open floor plans, they are also a functional accent as they create more space underneath for furniture, storage, or planters for decor.You can simply finish the stringers of your stairs with glass or wire handrails according to your preference. Steel stringers also give you the convenience and flexibility to create endless designs and customisations. Steel mono stringers, when designed and installed in a way that compliments your interior, become the best feature and main attraction of your home or commercial space.

Performance of Steel Mono Stringers

When it comes to sleek indoor and outdoor staircases, every homeowner looks for options that last longer. This is where steel mono stringers come into play. Steel stringers offer high performance, strength, and durability, allowing them to withstand higher weight loads and traffic. Good quality steel mono stringers last for many decades with limited maintenance, meaning you have highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain stairs. Can we add something in here about traditional timber staircases over time the timber contracts in heat/cold which causes it to squeak when you walk on it whereas the mono stringer will not do this.At Galintel, we know there is a high demand for steel mono stringers as they make a huge statement. That’s why we offer custom steel mono stringers for floor to landing (FL) and landing to landing (LL) applications that suit your unique needs and budget.Our steel stair stringers are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. For exterior use, we recommend using hot-dip galvanised at a minimum on mono stringers providing superior protection from corrosion. They are also nothing short of style as we powder coat them with popular Dulux colours just the way you want your stairs to be.Our finishes include:
  • Untreated steel.
  • Powder coated in the colour of your choice.
  • Hot-dip galvanised.
  • Hot-dip galvanised and powder coated.

Features of Our Steel Mono Stringers

Some of the best features of our steel stringers are as follows:
  • Flexible and unique design range. We also provide easy customisations in number of treads 2 to 17, colour, and finishes according to your needs.
  • We offer a comfortable incline angle of 35 degrees with a selectable rise ranging between 168mm to 185mm.
  • Our design allows for face and floor installation with Dyna bolts or Chemstuds.
  • Our designs suit stair tread widths of between 900mm and 1200mm. We can also accommodate stair treads of between 250mm and 300mm in depth and between 45mm and 75mm.
  • All our hot-dip galvanised mono stringer finishes comply with AS/NZS 4680:2006 and with the National Construction Code when installed correctly.
Above all, we are fully Australian made, assuring you high quality, functionality, and performance.Contact us for all your mono stringer steel staircase needs.