Galintel Lintels: The Benefits Of Buying Australia Made

Galintel Lintels
Steel lintels are crucial support structures used in building construction to support a span of opening in walls over doors and windows. They provide ideal strength and performance with ease of use in masonry. Here’s a list of some of our steel lintel products.

Solid Base Angle

Our Solid Base Angle are the most sought-after steel lintels in Australia. They are highly durable structural supports designed exclusively for supporting brickwork over openings like doors and windows in residential and commercial builds. Their unique feature, the ribbed vertical leg, provides a good recess for the mortar to bond with the brick and lintel, together making the structure a composite beam of high strength and performance.They are available in two sizes in various length ranges to suit all residential builds:
  • 100 × 100 × 6mm
  • 150 × 100 × 6mm


Our J-bar is designed with a top flange to support an inner leaf of brickwork, although its versatility also allows for the support of timberwork if required. Performing at its best when used in solid brick or brick veneer construction, while also suiting a range of other wall configurations, the J-Bar lintel offers an off-the-shelf solution with the strength and durability of ‘R3’ rated hot-dip galvanised steel.They make for effortless fixing with the header flange pre-drilled for timber fixing and the bottom flange pre-drilled for column connection.J-Bars are available in two sizes in various lengths:
  • 260/90mm × 200/10mm
  • 310/90mm × 200/10mm


Our Cavi-T-Bars offers a convenient and economical off-the-shelf solution in comparison to costly custom-made built-up steel sections.Available in pre-made standard lengths featuring a unique top bulb incorporated into the offset vertical section, ideal for cavity walls either in brick veneer with timber trusses or double brick construction.They are available in two sizes in a series of lengths:
  • 180/8mm × 240/8mm
  • 240/9.5mm × 240/8mm

Steel Angle

Our Traditional Steel Angles are merchant bar lintels that come both in hot rolled and cold rolled versions. These are high-performance structural supports made to support brickwork over clear openings in construction builds, such as doors and windows. These bars are not reliant on composite action.They are available in various sizes:
  • 100mm × 75mm × 10mm
  • 150mm × 100mm × 10mm
  • 200mm × 100mm × 10mm
  • 100mm × 100mm × 6mm
  • 100mm × 100mm × 8mm

Traditional T-Bar

Our Traditional T-Bars are yet another popular lintel beam used for supporting the brickwork over large clear openings in residential and commercial builds. Fully machine welded gives you the added benefit of having the best possible weld quality.They are available in various sizes:
  • 200/6mm × 200/6mm
  • 200/8mm × 200/6mm
  • 200/10mm × 200/10mm
  • 250/10mm × 200/10mm
  • 250/12mm × 200/10mm

Why Buy Australian Made?

In Australia all the steel lintel products must comply with the Australian Standards. At Galintel, all our steel lintel products comply with the relevant Australian Standards.Our products are also clearly stamped, labelled, and barcoded for easy identification. Furthermore, our Solid Base Angle and Traditional T-Bar products are made locally from Australian steel, and we proudly showcase the AMAO logo so you have the peace of mind that you get only the best of the best for your building construction. So, when buying steel lintels, make sure you buy only the highest quality lintels made in Australia.Have any queries on our lintel range? Contact us today.